Taylor Harvey (SOC 3rd Year)

Collaboration and Creation: He Can Hack It 

As co-founder of MonkeyBars, a company that organizes the IIT Hackathon and other tech events, Taylor Harvey is nurturing the next generation of Web developers and designers. But as a sociology major, he says the unification of communities is the guiding principle behind his entrepreneurial endeavors.

“I feel that humans are more similar than we like to think, and it is only nuance that truly separates us,” he says. “I enjoy building organizations as an expression of myself and am learning that software developers express themselves as well but through a different medium. The more I can break down some of the barriers to collaboration, the more impact we can have in our local and global communities.”

Besides further developing MonkeyBars, Harvey has immersed himself in IIT’s culture of entrepreneurship by his involvement with the BE (Business/Entrepreneurial) Innovators Summer Camp at IIT Stuart School of Business, was a chair for TEDxIIT, and co-founded a student chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization

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