Tarek Fadel (LAW '03)

Acing the Bar

Like many law school graduates, Tarek Fadel (LAW ’03) wondered if sitting through another supplemental program would truly prepare him for the intense experience of taking the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). But unlike most of his peers, he withdrew from the July 2003 exam and began developing a superior way for him and thousands of future attorneys to study.

As founder and CEO of AdaptiGroup LLC, Fadel innovated a better experience for the exam taker by utilizing technology. Since 2003, the company has addressed the need for greater and more intelligent use of technology in bar exam preparation. The AdaptiBar® Online Multistate Simulator & Prep program launched in early 2004 and prepares thousands of students annually in more than fifty countries and all fifty states.

AdaptiBar uses only authentic, licensed MBE questions so that testers are using the most relevant material available. It also uses patented technology to help testers learn their areas of weakness and balance the amount of time spent answering each question, thereby avoiding pressure brought on by time constraints on test day.  

After using his own program to study, Fadel sat for the bar exam in 2005 and, of course, passed the first time! 

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