Parth Kapadia (CE '13)

Bloom Town

Many innovative ideas have taken root and blossomed at IIT. Global Petals LLC, a startup co-founded by Parth Kapadia (CE ’13) that connects U.S. customers with South American rose farmers, is a literal example of this.

Recognizing a need to streamline flower delivery between growers and retailers, Kapadia and business partner Michael Lyons developed a system that delivers flowers from field to flower shop in 4-5 business days. "We provide Ecuadorian flower farms with an online storefront, credit services, and access to U. S. markets to bring American flower lovers the quality and price they deserve," says Kapadia, who is also an IIT Kern Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy Scholar.

With Global Petals, Kapadia and Lyons envisioned a company driven by design and distinguished by transparency, technology, and top-notch customer service. Kapadia says that the nature of the floral market often makes obtaining products stressful and unpredictable. By eliminating key problem variables, the company bridges the gap between growers and florists.

"We recognized that florists are designers first and business individuals second," he says. "The buying process should be easy, reliable, and people-focused."

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