Kaplan Institute rendering

Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship

Invest In Innovation and Technology

What if the global City of Chicago had a place with a singular purpose to teach and develop the basic elements of innovation—idea creation, design methods, rapid prototyping, and enterprise formation? 

The Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship on Illinois Institute of Technology’s Mies Campus will be that place—a hub for a technology-focused, interdisciplinary curriculum to intersect with industry, creating pathways to the commercialization of ideas. 

A Synergy of Innovation Activities

With Illinois Tech’s signature programming under one roof and every undergraduate attending at least two classes within, this center for innovation will quickly become a centralized core for innovative thinking on campus. The Kaplan Institute will be home to:

The Institute of Design (ID) will also play an important part in the Kaplan Institute. ID faculty and staff will have an active part in undergraduate programs in the new space, helping to increase the interaction between faculty, students, and entrepreneurs in residence and allowing all members of the Illinois Tech community to learn from one another and truly collaborate. 

The building will dedicate thousands of square footage to “maker space”—interactive flexible space for faculty, staff, administrators, and students to converse and create. 

Innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship are firm fixtures of an Illinois Tech education. The Kaplan Institute will be critical for the university to continue to deliver on its promise of providing a distinctive education and a vibrant environment from which world-changing ideas emanate. An educational anchor to the city’s existing businesses, the center will build upon Chicago’s reputation as a hub of innovation and enterprise formation.



The Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship will attract students who will learn to convert their creative ideas into significant, viable innovations. They will become the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the future.


The Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship will nurture the advancement of creative ideas, foster interdisciplinary and external collaboration, and create a culture that enables innovation and tech entrepreneurship to flourish.


  • Creative students who wish to innovate in STEM fields will be attracted to Illinois Tech.
  • All Illinois Tech undergraduates will acquire a superior capability to innovate and all will have the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial activity. Our graduates will be in demand because of their educational experience in the Kaplan Institute.
  • Relationships and collaborations with external organizations will be developed to broaden interactions and leverage resources in order to accelerate innovation and enable entrepreneurial activities.
  • Innovative ideas will result in new enterprise formation. 

Design and Programming Architects

John Ronan Architects—a Chicago-based, internationally renowned architecture and design firm—has been selected as the design architect for the Kaplan Institute.

Shepley Bulfinch, the award-winning programming architect for the institute, is a national leader in the programming and planning of prototype collaboration spaces for some of the country’s leading academic institutions, including the Harvard Innovation Lab and Duke University’s Link Teaching and Learning Center, among others. The site for the Kaplan Institute has been selected as Morton Park.



Top architectural rendering of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship provided by John Ronan Architects, May 2015 

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