Dane Christianson (ME '15)

Puzzle creation a first steppingstone to invention

Dane Christianson (ME '15) is an inventor at heart. He designed—and then constructed—a three-dimensional twisty-puzzle he calls the X-Cube in the Illinois Tech Idea Shop™ using a 3D printer. A video of Dane solving the puzzle received more than 1.6 million views in its first month on YouTube.

“The Idea Shop is just fantastic,” says Christianson. “When I found out that there is a work space at IIT devoted to creation, I was blown away.”

Although Christianson already has a new puzzle designed, he is looking at inventing his future in broader strokes. He says that while his X-Cube is a “cool first invention,” he could see himself inventing equipment to develop new alternative-power sources or advance medical robotics.

Watch Christianson discuss his X-Cube on the Steve Harvey Show on May 19, 2014. 

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